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Rent to Own Homes

Rent to own homes in Ontario Canada by Red Door Home Solutions.

We are a Canadian real estate company offering housing solutions to make home ownership a reachable goal. Currently, we offer a rent to own homes program in Ontario, with future plans to serve other provinces.

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Property Management

Property management in Ontario, Canada by Red Door Home Solutions.

Red Door Home Solutions also offers property management services in Greater Toronto, Ontario. Contact us for information about property management as well as home rentals.

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Investor Benefits

Investor benefits to Rent to Own Homes in Ontario, Canada

Red Door Home Solutions also offers property management services and opportunities for partnering in real estate investments. We serve all areas of Ontario including Golden Horeshoe, York and Durham regions.

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Rent to Own Homes Ontario

If you are currently renting but are tired of making your landlord rich, then the Red Door rent to own program is for you.  The beauty of our program is that you get to choose your dream home in the area you want to live.  

Qualification by a bank is not required – you work directly with our counselors.  So even if you have bad credit, a past bankruptcy or no money down, you may still be eligible  - as long you have good income.

Entering our lease to own program has many advantages:

  • You can become a homeowner sooner than you thought possible
  • You choose the home in the city where you want to live
  • You can avoid first time home buyer mistakes
  • You only need a minimum payment or even no money down to get started
  • You can start earning equity even before you buy the home
  • You will build up your down payment as you pay your monthly lease
  • You will build/rebuild your credit as you pay your lease on time each month
  • There are no hidden fees

We offer lease to own homes to Ontarians, even those that have been turned down for a mortgage before.  We can help you become a homeowner, even if you:
-Have Bad Credit
-Are New to Canada
-Are self employed
-Have a previous foreclosure or bankruptcy
-Are a new graduate
-Are a new family

Rent to Own Homes Ontario Canada