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If you are trying to get a mortgage to purchase a home, but the banks turned you down because of bad credit, there are other options available.  You don’t have to let bad credit ruin your dreams of becoming a home owner since you can improve your credit going forward.

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Bad Credit Mortgage Solutions

First home is a rent to own homeOne of your best options to get into a home sooner is through Red Door Home Solutions’ Rent to Own Homes Program.  You do not have to go through hoops to qualify like you do with the bank.  You can qualify if you have a small down payment and income. 

Call our friendly staff or fill out the contact form to find out if you qualify.

With our rent to own homes program, you can get pre-approved to go shop for a home in your preferred area of Ontario.  We arrange the financing, do the market evaluation and home inspection to help you avoid first time homebuyer mistakes.  We arrange agreements for homes in the York Region, Barrie and Greater Toronto including Aurora, Bradford, Ajax, Pickering, Oshawa, Newcastle, Witby, Brampton and other areas.

You get to move into your home sooner, and a portion of each lease payment goes towards your equity for your down payment.  By making your lease payments on time, you can help to improve your mortgage credit score.  We can also advise you on other ways to improve your credit score so you can qualify for the best rates when it comes time to buy the home. 

Our mortgage professionals shop your mortgage over lenders across Canada and let them compete for your business.  You only have to fill out one application and we help you find a lender that can give you a great home loan.

When we do your evaluation, we can pre-qualify you for a set amount for your lease payments and home price – so you will know how much you can expect to pay and keep it within your budget.   The price of the home is pre-determined at the beginning of the lease period – so any appreciation over that price is also your gain.  You could be building equity before you even buy the home!

Red Door Home Solutions serving Pickering, Ajax and other areas of the GTA

Tired of Renting?

People moving in to rent to own home in Canada

If you are tired of renting and want to make the leap to home ownership and financial security, then call Red Door Home Solutions. 

We know bad credit can happen to good people.  We believe that a good rent to own homes program is a win-win for everyone.  There are solutions besides traditional bank mortgages.  Call us to get started.